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In 2019, the first geo-quiz board game about Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish language was published.
The success was overwhelming: over 30,000 games have been sold so far and similar projects are in the pipeline.
We are happy to offer you the design of your personal boardgame in corporate design.
When we started the concept of the first boardgame ("Wou läit Piisseng?") in 2018, we didn't know that this was the beginning of a real "success story".
In the meantime, 5 games have been released, with the latest edition called *Kenns du de Minett?"

« Jo, ech weess ! »

On sale for € 29.90.-
at following stores:

Howald, Lux-Gare,  Bonnevoie, Merl, Limpertsberg, Bereldange, Esch Alzette, Esch Lallange, Belle Etoile, Schifflange, Bascharage, Differdange, Bettembourg, Bettembourg Scheleck, Kayl, Petange, Ettelbruck, Windhof, Echternach, Mersch,  Ingeldorf, Remich,  Redange,  Marnach,
Ernster - Ettelbruck, Foire'Fouille- Pommerloch, Librairie BIBA - Marnach, Samkats - Echternach, Ernster - Cactus Bascharage,Ernster Topaze -Mersch, Ernster - Luxembourg,Ernster - Cloche d'Or, Ernster -Belle Etoile, Ernster - City Concorde,Rischette - Junglinster.
Diderich - Esch/Alzette, Feidt - Pétange, Visitor Center Esch/Alzette, "Eis Epicerie" Soleuvre.