In 2019, the first geo-quiz board game aboutLuxembourg and the Luxembourgish language was published. The success wasoverwhelming: over 15,000 games have been sold so far and similar projects arein the pipeline. We are happy to offer you the design of your personal boardgame in corporate design. 

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 When we started the concept of the first boardgame ("Wou läit Piisseng?") in 2018, we didn't know that this was thebeginning of a real "success story". In the meantime, 3 games havebeen released, and the 4th - the last - edition of this series will appear ON 10/10/2020. 

Why not design your own private or corporateboard game? For example, for an image advertisement, a private party, abirthday or another occasion. Even in small editions. Ask us for a non-bindingprice offer. If you would like a personal conversation withus, click on "Contact" or simply write us an e-mail: info (at)

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